Previous Trips

The idea to ride our bikes from Alaska to Argentina didn't come out of nowhere.  We've been taking off on bike trips to explore the world for quite a few years now.  The slow pace, sense of freedom, and self-sufficiency seems to keep drawing us back. 

At about 9 years old, I (Ali) embarked on my first bike trip.  With my dad, my older sister and our step-mother I biked about 20 km across Wolfe Island (near our home town of Kingston, Ontario), and back the next day.  The ride was painful to say the least.  The hills seemed immense and the wind seemed fierce...but I conquered it. 

About ten years later, at 19, to my mother's dismay, I took a plane to Ghana, West Africa to ride my bike with my then boyfriend, and rode through West and North Africa for about eight months.   Through many trials and tribulations, we made it all the way to Milan, Italy on that trip.  

Glenn started his riding career at a young age exploring the trails and back roads of his hometown of Peterborough, Ontario.  He quickly became obsessed with the freedom and speed that the bicycle offered him.  He rode year-round through snow and sleet (before it was hip).  Glenn was such a skilled cyclist that he entered an alley-cat race at age 19.  He had he lead for the majority of the race, but unfortunately, in the final stretch, his front wheel dropped out of the fork.  Fortunately, this did not deter him and he continues to be an avid rider...and now he has a little more knowledge of bicycle maintenance to help him on the way.

We met in our early twenties, when we were both in Ghana for a study abroad program.  Turned out we both loved to ride our bikes, we were both vegetarian, and we both came from broken families... it was a match made in heaven.  Together we have toured all over Ontario, and taken trips a little further afield too. 

We have been blessed to have explore much of Ontario on weekend trips with an amazing group of friends and families.  We will miss these trips so much... but mostly we'll miss our pedaling pals - but we're hoping that maybe some of them will join us for part of our long journey (hint, hint :) )

Here is a medley of photographs from some of our trips: 

Pictures from Previous Trips