1) Packing up our lives...

posted Mar 9, 2012, 7:17 AM by Ali Burke   [ updated May 9, 2012, 9:10 AM ]
So, it turns out that packing up our lives and riding off on a couple of bicycles is a bit of work.  I am a little overwhelmed with how much stuff we have accumulated over the six years that we've been living together.  However, it is interesting to watch myself as I interact with all this stuff and react to our impending separation.   

A part of me wants to save absolutely everything, to box it away, to honour its sentimental value and the memories that these items hold.  Then, there's another part that wants to get rid of everything.....free ourselves of the chains of materialism... but maybe that would be a little too much freedom ? 

So, we'll store a bunch of our stuff and will get rid of (sell, give away, throw out...) the rest.  

Another task is explaining to credit card companies, insurance companies and banks that we are going to be living without a fixed address for an indefinite period of time; "but we need an address" one worker said to me "you don't exist if you don't have an address"... why does that sound so magical ? 

Then there is Juniper, our wonderful cat.  We (actually mainly Glenn) have spent months trying to figure out a way that we could bring her with us.  We thought of a trailer specially designed for her, a box attached to the handlebars, a box on the back rack of the bike...  But Juniper is an independent soul and she would not be happy cooped up in a trailer or box, even if we made it super nice, so we are leaving her behind.  But, she will go to an incredible home until we return; she'll be staying with my sister Meghan and her partner Brian... she will get lot's and lot's of love from them - and a lot more freedom than a bike trip could offer a cat.