3) Another Warm-up Ride... with company !

posted Apr 9, 2012, 5:21 PM by Ali Burke   [ updated May 9, 2012, 9:23 AM ]

Here are the riders from the left: Kristen, Glenn, Ali, Brian, Meghan, Carolyn, Liz
AKA: The "Too Much Talk, Not Enough Action" Cycling Club (TMTNEA Club)

Day 1: Fergus, Ontario - Acton, Ontario - 74 km

We started in the small town of Fergus, Ontario (about a hour and a half Northwest of Toronto by car).  When we arrived at the meeting spot, we discovered Liz's aunt and uncle who live in Fergus came to surprise Liz and see us off - they even brought Easter chocolate to help fuel the ride.  We had all been running a little late, so they had waited an hour and a half to surprise us !

The ride started off on a rail trail, that would take us about 40 km.  It was very 'traily', which is a new word to describe bumpy, sinky conditions...often experienced in early Spring.  However, despite many debates we decided to stick to the trail...because it was direct and not hilly.  We reached the road just in time to enjoy the hills of the Niagara Escarpment.  Luckily, the smooth wonder of the road overshadowed its very hilly nature.   We hopped onto another trail in Inglewood, which we rode for another 10 km or so... then I told the group it would only be another 10 km or so to the motel we were staying at, and that we just needed to wind along some little roads.  Well, it was a pretty accurate statement, however, the little windy roads were also very hilly and very gravelly... so those last ten km were very painful and slow....sorry...!!   With pride in our hearts we arrived at the Cedar Springs Motel, ordered three extra large pizzas and some Chinese food, and promptly fell asleep (some of us before even eating the food...)

Day 2: Acton, Ontario - Heidelberg, Ontario 78 km

There weather was once again beautiful ! We started the day by riding about 6 km into Acton for a delicious breakfast which included self-serve coffee and giant pots of tea... and we all felt very energized (OK, maybe mostly me).... After breakfast we stopped by a farm that Carolyn used to work at and visited the animals, who were very very lovely and not aware of their imminent deaths.  We coasted downhill into Guelph where we stopped at the almost-closed for the day Farmer's Market, where we got 2-for-1 cinnamon buns (delicious!).   From Guelph we got on a trail which took us out of town... it was a fantastic trail, smooth, windy and fast ... unfortunately it was the wrong trail, so we had to angle over the right trail which we were only on for about five km.  From there we were on roads for the rest of the day, mostly small and quiet ones.  Once again the last stretch to Heidelberg was a little painful - about 6 km of uphill face-wind... But we were rewarded with a lovely and hilarious tavern and motel ... and lot's of beer !! 

Day 3: Heidelberg, Ontario - Fergus, Ontario 57 km

We started the day riding about 6 km, back down the painful road that was rather glorious instead,  to a delicious breakfast spot.  From breakfast we looped around St. Jacobs along a series of side roads that have been marked as part of the Trans-Canada trail.  This part of the ride was beautiful, rolling hills, farmers fields, and very little traffic.  We hooked up with a rail-trail, which we road for another 14 km until we reached a slight detour to the 'kissing bridge' - basically a covered bridge, where I guess that people could kiss secretly?  As we passed through the kissing bridge, the skies that had been threatening rain for a couple of hours finally broke - we biked through the rainy and windy conditions for another 15 km or so to the lovely town of Elora where we stopped for lunch.   After lunch we pedaled for another 30 minutes or so to get back to hour cars.  The ride was a great success !! 

Fergus Loop Ride