Days 336 - 370: Waiting for Spring

Birch bark gazing

It has been a cold spring here in Canada... in more ways than one - But the weather has now warmed and it seems that we are through the worst of it.  Quite a lot of good news at this stage in the game - My dad is finally out of the hospital and is doing really well, Glenn has been earning some money, and we have been able to spend time with our lovely friends and family. Unfortunately the past month - or so - has not been all wonderful.  There has been a whole lot of stress and upset, the details of which I can't really go into in this forum.  But we have learned a great deal about ourselves, our limitations, and our boundaries over that past month. 

As my dad's health has been improving we have had more time to venture away from Kingston.  Glenn spent last week working in his hometown of Peterborough, while I took a course in Expressive Art Therapy in the nearby town of Haliburton.  It felt really good to focus on our own interests, make some dollars, and step-back from the chaos that had ensued in Kingston.

Now, our gaze is future oriented as we think about a lot of positivity to come -  culminating in our return to Quito on June 5 !  Glenn is now back in Peterborough carrying on with some work.  In five days we will get back on our bikes (!!!) and do a two week tour through New York, Vermont, and Quebec.    The destination is a lodge in Quebec that friend's of our friend Niels own, and where there *may* be future opportunities for us.  But, we will first ride to my mom's house in Clinton, New York for a visit, then through the Adirondacks, and onwards to Vermont and Quebec.  It will be nice to give our muscles a little practice before we head back to the Andes !   Soon after this trip is my sister Meghan and her fiance Brian's wedding  - which will undoubtedly be a happening event!  

For now, life is good - flowers are blooming.

The Canadian Pause: Part 2