m) The Pause: Heart Surgery and a Wedding in Canada


This bike trip has taught us many a lesson over the past ten months; probably the most important of which is that life does not always go as planned.  This hit home at the beginning of March when we received a message that my dad had been rushed to hospital.  This news resulted in a chain of a events that brought us both back to Canada to be with our family.   For those that don't know we were planning on returning to Canada for one month from mid-May to mid-June for my sister's wedding.  Given the circumstances we decided to make the visit a little longer and stay in Canada from mid-March until June 5, when we will fly back to Quito and carry on! 

Hopefully we will have a chance to explore our old stomping grounds by bicycle while we are here :).

Days 304 - 336: Parasites, Heart Surgery and Airplanes

Days 336 - 370: Waiting for Spring