Days 73 - 82: Port Hardy - East Sooke

After zipping down Vancouver Island we are now enjoying a few days off in beautiful East Sooke at my aunt Jane and Steve's awesome cabin looking out over the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  The ride down the island has been pretty amazing, and the most wonderful part has been, without a doubt, hanging out and riding with some of our family....thank you so so much for coming to see us!  We also just hit...our next milestone ....4444 km! 

First some photos...

Vancouver Island

Now on to the highlights...

Gladiators and underwear heads:

After a couple of months with very limited contact wth family and friends we were treated to a whole lot so family fun on the island.  First we met up with Glenn's mom and brother...and learned, what we have already suspected, that Glenn's brother is a gladiator.  Yes,  it is true.  I think that he actually has more energy than that french cyclist who rode a minimum 160 km a day...he zoomed up the hills as he rode on the northern half of the island with us, and then at the end of each day...riding 70 or 80 km ....he went for a run!   If the show American Gladiators was still on, he would definitely be offered a part....

So after riding with the Gladiator we met up with my dad and aunt...and a whole new kind of hilarity began.  It was pretty sunny and hot, and my dad (maybe on purpose...) forgot his zinc oxide  so he wore his underwear on his head for a couple of days of riding.... If you know my dad, this was not a strange thing for him :)

Coastal riding at last

After over 4000 km of our journey we have finally reached the coast again...and even better we have reached a road that follows the coast.  We estimate that we have another 26,000 km or so....give or take several thousand....and for most of this distance we will be very close to the Pacific Ocean... We plan to become very well aquatinted with this giant body of water! 

Adjusting to the land of plenty

Possibly the most interesting part of riding down the island has been watching and experiencing the shift from vast open a land of consumerism and people and multiple roads. The north of the island was much like Northern BC, large stretches of forest and usually only one road to choose  from.  The main difference was that there were huge clear cuts along the roads, apparently 80% of the logging that occurs in BC, happens on the is pretty sad to see.  As we moved further south, however, the landscape changed.  The road started hugging the coast and many many resorts, homes, stores etc started popping up.  For the first little while this was pretty overwhelming for us.  What was actually the most upsetting was how unhappy so many people seemed.  Perhaps it is a natural result of increased population, but the more we moved south the less friendly and happy people seemed.  It was really strange going from saying hello to just about everyone to having very little interaction with the people around us.  Another point of stress was finding places to camp...we have gotten pretty used to camping for free...and in the land of plenty there is a whole lot more private property.  Somehow we managed to two pretty sweet places to camp for free in the was at a marina where we met some lovely folks who treated us to wine, dessert and entertainment, and the other was on an old service road that was pretty grown we adjust...and we have also been enjoying the easy access to food, wifi, and pretty much anything that we might need.

Much Needed Rest and Good Times in Sooke

We are currently enjoying some much needed rest at my aunts little cabin in East Sooke, which looks out over the Strait de Juan de Fuca.  It is a pretty sweet little place with an incredible view and some of the best company you could ask for.  There are trails and parks within about three km of the cabin in every direction and my aunt and her partner have been great hosts....also they as hilarious....tomorrow we will get back into the groove and head to the USA.

Another milestone...and yes another song!

Check out our sweet song with our sweet crew:


July 6: Ferry Prince Rupert - Port Hardy
July 7: Port Hardy - Nimpkish Lake 83 km
July 8: Nimpkish Lake - Montague Creek 76 km
July 9: Montague Creek - Campbell River 97 km
July 10: Campbell River - Salmon Point 29 km
July 11: Salmon Point - French Creek 98 km
July 12: French Creek - Crofton area 91 km
July 13: Crofton area - East Sooke 76 km
July 14: Rest Day Sooke 9 km
July 15: Rest Day Sooke 36 km (ali)
July 16: Rest Day Sooke...we'll see how many Km's....probably a ride to the lake :)