Best family portrait!

A Two Week Loop in Central Cuba with a Nine Month Old

Somehow we rode almost 400 km with this little munchkin.   I'm still not sure how, but when we rolled back into the town of Santa Clara where we had started,  we figured it must be true.   It was a little impulsive to go to Cuba on a bike tour, but I was inspired by an account of two parents who took their 11 month old on a tour through Cuba ... They raved about the quiet roads, great accommodation, and ease of travel... It doesn't take much to get me excited, so before we knew it we were boarding a flight to Santa Clara in central Cuba, hoping our bikes made it through security and on the plane.    As it turned out, the blog that we read neglected to mention the heat, traffic, and I guess I skimmed over the part about the clouds of diesel smoke engulfing you.   And did they have some sort of angel child that tolerated hours on end of bike trailer time.... ?  It was on our first official day of riding with Olivia that all these variables became glaringly apparent,  and wondered if someone should be calling child services.  Surely Olivia would be telling a therapist about this twenty odd years from now...

But we'll start at the beginning. 

Our bikes did arrive.  Our bags on the other hand did not.  After all the other tourists had boarded their busses to get to their respective resorts... We, being me, Glenn, Olivia, and my dad John, were left with three disassembled bikes with flat tires, one bike trailer, and carry on that had about five dampers.  Thankfully my dads luggage did arrive,